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My name is Sinead. Yes, (Shin + aid), like Sinead O'connor.

Those who can't pronounce it call me Shine (Shy + ne)

My mother is Belgian, my father is Irish and my husband is Spanish.

I must have some Italian blood somewhere because I could live in a bowl of pasta. 

Lucky me, I speak fluent French, English, Spanish and Italian. 

Cinema is the love of my life. I believe my purpose is to give the best of me to what I love doing the most. My passion for people's stories and transmitting those emotions led me to become an actress. I dove into camera acting classes in Paris with renowned acting coach Jordan Beswick and spent as much time as I could on film sets... my favourite place in the world.

I freelanced as a reporter, presenter and journalist for various international media channels such as CNN, BBC, Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC... meeting inspiring people from all over the world. I got to write about them and give their truth a voice. 


In between castings and film shoots, I spend time getting to know the homeless with the Red Cross with whom I volunteer as often as I can; believe me, they have taught me the best life lessons and shared the most fascinating stories. Again, lucky me! 

I look forward to meeting you. After all, you're never safe from a good surprise !

Shine (Sinead)

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